PROPIM® self-adhesive pins are designed for fitting insulation materials to smooth surfaces without using any additional tools. It is great for quick and easy application. They can be used for fitting rigid or flexible insulation materials.

In spite of being an auxiliary item for application and fixing insulation sheets, it has the most important role for the long-run usage. After sticking the sole of the pin to the surface, the insulation sheet can be fastened by the washer. It is used for the application in inner and outer surfaces of air-ducts, inside of power-generator and compressor enclosures, separation walls. The surface must be be clean, removed from dust, dirt, oil and grease.

It is long-lasting and can be transported, stocked and used safely, easily and practically. The working temperature range of PROPIM® is between -10°C +80°C. During application process ambiance temperature has to be above +10°C.

500 pcs per package

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Pin Type

Welding Pin, Self Adhesive Pin

Cap Type

Plastic Cap, Metal Cap, Rubber Cap


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