PROFIX® is an insoluble in water, liquid, high strength universal adhesive with a very good performance for polyethylene, rubber foam, polyurethane acoustic foam, wood and decorative laminates, rubber, leather, cork, felt, rigid PVC, soft foams, metal and other synthetic materials.

It is easy to use, simply applied surfaces to the materials which needs to be adhered; allow it to dry and stick them together. Contact adhesives are ideal when it’s difficult to attach or when you have a large surface area. It is just important to have a clean surface, being removed from dust, dirt, oil and grease.


Chemical Name : Contact adhesive
Solubility in water : Non-Soluble in Water


Structure : Liquid
Color : Red or yellowish
Smell : Characteristic Solvents
Viscosity : 120 s/50cc +-2 s ( 20 ºC )(Ford Cup No: 4)
Solid Content : 30 %
Auto flammability : Over 200 ºC
Flash Point : -35 ºC
Relative Density : 1,0 g/ml


Solid Content : 43 %
Solvents : Chlorinated solvents

15 kg/can

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