PROCELL is an open-celled, flexible polyurethane acoustic foam impregnated with high amount of flame retardants and polymeric bonding materials, offering non-flammable performance. Our foam is the perfect solution for noise attenuation and insulation of enclosures of power generators.

Procell® Plain

Procell® Shaped Egg-Crate

Procell® Shaped Labyrinth

Procell® Shaped Pyramid

Procell® Faced Alu-Fiber

Procell® Faced Alu-R

Procell® Faced Fiber

Procell® Faced PTX60

Procell® Faced PU Film

Procell® Faced PU Film Reinforced

Procell® Composite Alu-Fiber

Procell® Composite Alu-R

Procell® Composite Fiberglass

Procell® Composite Plain

Procell® Composite PTX60

Procell® Composite PU Film

Procell® Composite PU Film Reinforced

All products can be offered with self adhesive & removable backing paper for easy application.