Leaf Hinge

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40*40 Metal black on screw, 40*40 Metal black, 40*40 Metal Chrome on screw, 40*40 Metal Chrome, 50*50 Metal black on screw, 50*50 Metal black, 50*50 Metal chrome on screw, 50*50 Metal chrome, 60*60 Metal black on screw, 60*90 Metal black on screw, 60*120 Metal black on screw, 60*60 Metal black, 60*90 Metal black, 90*60 metal black on screw, 100*75 Stainless Steel black, 75×100 Steel Black Lift off, 60×106 Steel Black, 80×70 Metal Black, 80×70 Metal Black Lift off, 60×97 Metal Black

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