EPDM foam tape with an acrylic adhesive on one side; is non-staining, non-corrosive and electrically non-conductive. The foam offers high temperature resistance (-30°C to 110°C) as well as excellent resistance to UV, ozone and weathering, making it ideal for outdoor use. It is used for the joints of ventilation ducts; provides impermeability on the connections. It is ideal for use of sealing purpose, vibration damping and as a noise barrier, UV and chemical solvent resistance. Any width is available for 3 mm & 5 mm thicknesses.

Can be produced specially according to desired thickness, width and length. Please specify the data for your request from the form below.

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4 mm x 12 mm x 10 m, 4 mm x 18 mm x 10 m, 5 mm x 15 mm x 10 m

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